Clover Security

We're backed by First Data, the world's leading payment processor with over 6 million merchants.

We protect your data

We're obsessive about your security, and that of your customer. End-to-end encrypting card reader, data tokenization, locked-down operating system, and mutually authenticated SSL are just a few of the technologies we've built into Clover.

Sensitive information stays on your side of the counter

Letting your customers sign for their purchase on the screen = cool. Giving them unintentional access to all your other sales, customer, and employee data = not so cool. Clover's proprietary pivot arm lets you rotate seamlessly to what we call the “customer-facing view” when presenting the display for signature. This restricts what the customer can see and access, keeping all your sensitive data safe.

Evolving Security

Our security measures and methods are continuously being updated in order to best deal with potential risks. Report potential security issues for your Clover device at, and help us provide the most secure point of sale software in its class.