Pure Convenience

Providing payers with every payment method available without increasing costs is a challenge facing every government organization today. PureConvenience is the complete solution for payments to government entities/offices, empowering counties or municipalities to eliminate or dramatically reduce processing costs from tax and non-tax fee payments

Pure Transax

Accept payments from wherever your customers may be. Within the merchant services suite of products, there are solutions that can take your business beyond the face-to-face interaction. Whether your customers are shopping online, with a mobile device, over the phone, or in person there are secure payment acceptance options available.


Payeezy Gateway is a dynamic eCommerce solution that offers a seamless customer experience by offering a wide range of payment options, advanced security features, and simplified integration. The product brings real-time access to transactional information to capture insights about incoming orders, customer payments, and more. Payeezy also allows for Level 3 processing capabilities in order to pass data for commercial card transactions for invoice-level transaction details, potentially assisting merchants in significant processing fee cost savings.


Connecting a website to the payment processing networks can be exceptionally difficult and typically beyond the expertise of most online merchants. For those merchants seeking to start an ecommerce store, the ease and simplicity of Authorize.Net Payment Gateway may be the right solution. With hundreds of shopping carts already integrated into the payment gateway, a merchant is just a few short clicks away from having an online store fully integrated and operational.