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In today’s competitive marketplace, there are more decisions and more ways to succeed and fail than ever before. Pure Insights is the one-stop shop for modern day merchants. It is designed to help protect them from the ever-increasing number of business threats, while enabling them to grow. It is trusted by more than 40 of the top payments processors, acquirers, ISOs and banks, including many billion dollar publicly-traded companies and large financial institutions.

Pure Insights uses technology and data to help small to medium-sized businesses grow, protect and simplify their businesses. Pure Insights equips businesses to face and handle the ever increasing number of threats and decisions facing their businesses each and every day, including online reputation, competitive threats, new customer acquisition, marketing optimization, local market conditions, benchmarking, analytics and more. Pure Insights is relevant to ALL consumer-facing merchants, no matter where they are located.


  • Benchmarking: Keep all revenue history in one place, benchmark against same-type businesses and track your competitors.
  • Reputation Defense: Get alerted when customers review your business, manage and reply to reviews in one place.
  • Online Presence: Create/publish your online listings and optimize your online presence.
  • Vault Storage: Safely store your passwords so you never forget them and organize/access your business documents.
  • Business Threat Monitoring: Detect business threats 24/7 and determine which threats require action, with phone or email notifications.
  • Customer Pulse: Keep track of top customers, create profiles and engage with your customers.
  • Ads: Set budgets and create ads.
  • Messenger: Streamline employee communications.