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Security breaches are not just for large merchants. In fact, 90% of all breaches impact small businesses. Over the last 10 years, cyber crime has changed dramatically, from individuals using skimming devices that cost less than $200 to more sophisticated systems using dangerous malware. Our multi-layered security and compliance solutions help merchants protect their data, their customers and, just as important - their brand.

$100,000 in Payment Systems Data Breach Protection that covers: forensic audit, card replacement, regulatory fines, account data compromise recovery, software and hardware upgrades, breach notification (up to $10,000), drafting of notifications, printing and mailing, and even required media notifications.


  • POS Software Monitor: Downloadable software helps to monitor and helps protect point of sale equipment
  • POS Hardware Monitor: Solution that helps monitor for possible tampering
  • EMV™ Enablement: EMV chip card payment acceptance to help prevent fraudulent card use
  • PCI Rapid Comply Solution: PCI compliance questionnaire wizard that makes becoming compliant faster and easier
  • Security Score: At-a-glance benchmark for data security and risk reduction
  • Liability Waiver: Up to $100,000 for card association costs in the event of a data breach
  • Support Experts: An additional level of client service expertise to address security questions or concerns.
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