Pure ShieldPure Shield


Pure Shield uses tokenization and encryption technology to remove the need for merchants to store card data by replacing it with a randomly assigned number, called a “token”, after authorization. This minimizes risk by reducing the scope of PCI compliance and allows the “token” to be used for other business and sales functions, such as returns, sales reports, analysis, etc.

Pure Shield meets PCI Security Standards Council guidelines for tokenization. Removing payment card data from your systems also removes it from your PCI scope, reducing the scope by as much as 80%. Additionally, the time and resources needed to meet PCI requirements can be reduced by as much as 50%. Pure Shield’s state-of-the-art tokenization and encryption provides your business with industry-leading protection.


  • Card-based, random-number tokenization and encryption
  • Completely removes sensitive cardholder information from the merchant by replacing the Personal Account Number (PAN) with a random token value
  • The format-preserving token value can be used in place of the PAN to continue to support business analytics and reports, anti-fraud activities, etc.