Pure SimplePure Simple


Take your business with you and make sales virtually anywhere with Pure Simple - a full featured and easy-to-use payment solution, which you can carry in your pocket. Our rugged card readers are incredibly responsive, built for security and designed to work easily and flawlessly with your tablet or smartphone.

Ready out of the box - just charge, plug in and use with your iOS or Android phone or tablet. Pure Simple supports EMV, Magnetic Strip, Keyed and Cash transactions, while providing fast and secure processing. Works anywhere you have a wifi or cellular connection. Online dashboard for reporting and additional transaction support.


  • Retail, QSR, Restaurant
  • Multi-Merchant
  • Tips
  • Cash & Credit Sales
  • Voids & Returns
  • Offline Mode
  • Online Reporting & Inventory
  • EMV Enabled
  • PCI Compliant